I am hitting random WebDriverException: unknown error: unexpected command response

I have a very simple recorded web drive test case: to visit our site page and verify the link on it. I will “Navigates the specified URL (Auto-generated)” in this test case over 10 times.

Starting a couple of days ago, this test case started failing on the exact step of “Navigates the specified URL (Auto-generated)” randomly, and I will get a
“WebDriverException: unknown error: unexpected command response”
error at a random depth.

Manual verification on my app site has always been responsive and refreshing the page is always successful, this feels like a TestProject bug.

Could someone explain to me what this error means, and how could I fix this issue, please?



Happens to me as well. Started last week and it prevents me from manually running or editing my tests. Happens on pretty much all my tests and it can happen at any step, even ones that don’t need to locate an element to perform like getting current timestamp or refreshing.

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Do you have a solution for this problem?

I have been getting the same exception from three days. While running the testcase, it crashes suddenly and returns to the application by throwing the exception. Mainly getting on this browser instance (Session info: chrome=103.0.5060.66). I had tried the deleting the cache files of the testproject agent and restarting the agent, but it didnt work out. Could you please assist me to resolve this.

Thank you!

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I am getting the same exception from last few days. When I create the test case at that time , it will run successfully but when I try to re run the application then I am getting this exception.
Do you guys have any solution for the same?

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I am having this same issue as of this morning. Strangely, it was working fine for me yesterday. I have since rebooted, perhaps triggering updates.


Please look into this ASAP!
Give the recent dataloss, downtime a few days ago, run time bugs I’ve reported and now the editor not working, I am facing some significant backlogs.

I am also getting this. The tests run fine as part of a job but all steps fail if I try and run them while recording.

It has started happening to me after Friday’s maintenance.

Is there any update on this issue? Still getting the same exception unexpectedly.

I believe I have resolved this manually on my end by downgrading chrome - instructions below for what I did in case anybody else needs it
(Instructions for Windows)

  1. Press Win + R and type ‘msconfig’
  2. Go to the Services tab
  3. Deselect both Google Update Services and apply
  4. Find an older version of Google Chrome. I found this site worked: Download older versions of Google Chrome for Windows, Linux and Mac
  5. Get the 64-Bit version 102.0.5005.63 and download
  6. Uninstall Google Chrome.
  7. Install the 102 version of Google Chrome

Automatic updates are now disabled so it will not update to 103 which is incompatible with TestProject, currently.
After performing these steps I was unblocked and able to run and edit tests again without issues.

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Thank you @007, this was indeed my problem. Once I downgraded my Chrome version to 102 from 103, all random failures went away and my test run is stable again.

I am doing local agent runs only, so after the downgrade, my agent no longer recognizes the lower version Chrome browser, I ended up deleting the old agent and reinstalling it, it then picked up the Chrome v102.

I am guessing these issues with Chrome 103 might be inherited from the selenium driver, since testproject just added a wrapper over it. Once this is resolved within the selenium driver, testproject might be able to support Chrome103 as well…

Thanks for the workaroud. That’s great !

New Update:

As of August 2, 2022, testproject web agent is working again with the latest Chrome (104.0.5112.79)

I have been getting the same exception from three days. while running and executing the test cases.