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HTTP Post set Authorization Token


I have a POST request setup with RESTful API Client.
But I need to define an Authorization Token of type ‘Bearer Token’. I tried putting it in as a header, but that didn’t work.
Any ideas on how to solve it?

Thnx in advance

Can you tell me what you have tried so far?

The header should be passed like this:
Authorization = Bearer YOUR_TOKEN.

Hi David,

In the screenshot you’ll see I added the Header authorization
Also you’ll see I added a request body.
But the error I get is: Server responded with status code 415 instead of expected 200 status code.
No body/value was returned by the server.

This API request works in Postman

Kind regards,

Apparently the Body Format had to have a value too: so I entered text/xml and the test passed! Although it was a wild guess :slight_smile:

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