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HTTP Post set Authorization Token


I have a POST request setup with RESTful API Client.
But I need to define an Authorization Token of type ‘Bearer Token’. I tried putting it in as a header, but that didn’t work.
Any ideas on how to solve it?

Thnx in advance

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Can you tell me what you have tried so far?

The header should be passed like this:
Authorization = Bearer YOUR_TOKEN.

Hi David,

In the screenshot you’ll see I added the Header authorization
Also you’ll see I added a request body.
But the error I get is: Server responded with status code 415 instead of expected 200 status code.
No body/value was returned by the server.

This API request works in Postman

Kind regards,

Apparently the Body Format had to have a value too: so I entered text/xml and the test passed! Although it was a wild guess :slight_smile:


Yeah, im learning about. I have resolved already, just a little rock in the way LOL :smile: