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HTTP 412 error while passing project parameter using Jenkins

Hi Team,

While trying to override one of the project parameters from Jenkins using the following line, we are getting HTTP 412 response from the Testproject Server

tpProjectParamUpdate parameterId: 'xxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxx, parameterValue: “${Environment_url}”, projectId: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’

We have confirmed that we are using correct combinations of parameterId, ProjectId and the API key that we are using for jenkins has access to this project.

Following is the exact error that we are received on jenkins console.

Using API key: D066***************
Writing request body
Sending PUT request to: https://api.testproject.io/v2/projects/xxxxxxxxxxxx/parameters/xxxxxxxxx
Response from TestProject: 412 [requestId: Nlnnv6Jq]

But still we are getting this issue, can anyone please help ?