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HTML Table Actions addon


I’ve being using the HTML Table Actions add-on and I’m very satisfied with it. However would like to ask if it’s possible to extend it adding a new action to ‘Click on checkbox at a given cell(row, column)’?

Thanks in advance.
Sandro Pinto

Hello @sandro.pinto,

We will take into consideration extending this addon, thanks for pointing that out.
For the meantime, did you try using the regular “Click on a given cell” action?

Hi @artem.kuznetsov ,

yes, I tried to use that specific action but with no success.The cell is clicked, but the checkbox which is inside that cell don’t. That why I need that particular action.

Please just let me know as soon as this new action will be available!
Thanks again.

Hello @sandro.pinto,

Another solution I can suggest is to build an Xpath which will be dynamic based on the row and column in which the checkbox is located, so lets say we are on this website and we have a checkbox in row 1 column 1:

If I have the row and column as input I can change the Xpath to be dynamic, by changing the value inside tr and td
So the Xpath will be like this:

Then I can take this Xpath and make an element out of it to the action “Click”:

Hi @artem.kuznetsov thanks again for your reply.

I tried this approach before, but unfortunately did not solve my particular challenge. XPATH will be very dynamic, it will depend on a series of different test input parameters that make XPATH completely different, that’s why I believe the best option will be using the HTML Table Add-On to identify the table (which has dynamic identifiers also) and then navigate to the row that contains the specific text, then click on the checkbox that is on a particular column.

I have another question related to this particular Add-on, action ‘Search text’ :

  • is it possible to identify the cell that has only the exact text typed in the ‘Search by Name’ text box and not the first one that contains the text.

    For instance I would like to get the second row. ‘Search text’ is returning the first row, because ‘all workers’ contains ‘workers’ …

Hi @sandro.pinto,
We have updated the HTML Table Actions and added new action - Click on Checkbox in a given cell
You can update the addon and use this action.

Thank you @dor.benzvi !
It works :slight_smile: