How to validate the spinner/loader when the page is updating


I am interested to understand if there is a way to validate that the page is getting updating or checking if the spinner is spinning to update . I have a scenario where I need to check if the loader is rotating and updating to the given new data in a given time. Is there a way to capture that in TestProject? #testproject-smart-test-recorder:web-testing


Hi @vidam,
If the spinner shows as an element you can use the ‘Is not Present or Invisible?’ action on it.

No the spinner is not identifying itself as an element and therefore so far I’m unable to figure out how to verify that the spinner is showing or for how long it is taking time to load a page, etc. Is there any alternate way to validate how much time the page is taking to load/update ?

Does anything change on the following page after the Spinner finishes updating, you can verify that element is visible on the page after the update is finished. If it’s the same page but something changed as a result of the update verify it’s there, or if it’s a new page that shows then also verify an element on that page is visible and clickable.

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