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How to validate the search results are displayed properly through recorder

I have a use case like after creation of objects need to search and validate whether search results are displayed properly.
Suppose I created Objects as “Obj1”, “Obj2” and when I type “Obj” in search box it automatically appears the list of objects which contains text as “Obj”. Can this be achieved through TestProject or do I need to use SDK and run a loop to validate the list?

Hello @Geetha.Vajrala, thanks for reaching out.

you can easily do it using “Check if all items in a web list element contain text” action, which provided by “Web List Operations” addon.

for example:

  1. hover the UL element which wraps all list items, capture it, and select the above action:

  2. fill out the required fields for validating the text in each item list:

this way, you can validate if each search result contains the required text.

Hi @Meidan.nasi,
What if its not HTML list. Our dev team is using BootStrap list control, which is Div and inside it contains multiple anchor tags.

Also I would like to know are there any addons specifically to handle BootStrap elements, React elements as now a days dev team is not at all using standard HTML for UI.


Hey @Geetha.Vajrala,

each Addon is made for a specific purpose or a specific type of element.
if you find some functionality missing we can always develop one for that specific scenario, feel free to reach out via the TestProject chat.

if you are familiar with coding, you can also develop your own addons, here you can read more about it

Thank you @meidan.nasi. Will connect with you via chat