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How to validate the logo image with the local image path

when I make a comparison between the web logo and the same image on my pc with the path E:\testing\New folder\Latest.jpg the test step failed

and sometimes it passes but the threshold must be over 88%, is there any best case to reduce the threshold

and I need to know why this error occurred because I don’t know where is the problem

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It looks like it can’t locate an element, does it help if you change the locator or slow the speed of test execution?

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Thanks for your reply.
it doesn’t help.
but when i changed the size of image to small size the error not occurred, but the threshold is still high and threshold is different when i change the image sometimes it is high in another image it is low , do you know the reason ?
it doesn’t enable the large image because when take screenshot for the logo the logo size is smaller than the original image on my pc so i resize the image to small size
And is there way to get the size of the original image ?