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How to validate table content using testproject.io example

I have a scenario, When I create an offer if it is successful it adds to the table. On my offer page I have a web table where new offer details is added. Here, I need to validate whether need new offer name is present or not using Testproject.io

Please provide me an example and guidelines that can really helps me.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello @Dharani.bollineni.

If you’re using an HTML table, you can use the HTML Table actions addon, see here for more information:

If not, you can just get the text from the element using the ‘Get Text’ action, and then perform a validation on the results of the step:


Thanks, David.

Html table code is used in my case. After fix, I can click the text(link) in the cell and perform operations as needed.

In addition to this how can I get entire row data and compare data as per column header.

Something like