How to validate check boxs in tables format and i want to auto check in each row and validate

Scenario: as per my scenario
1.i wan to auto check checkbox in each row in table format.

2.once we select check box system displayed one popup and i did select the some location and click ok above 2 steps i want to run untill each check box is selected in that table.

as per above image i want to repeat foursteps untill all check box selected /validate.please suggest me some one for above scenario

Hi @mani_mpart,
If you are running the same sequence and the same boxes appear every execution,
the simplest solution is to record the entire flow.

If you want to make something more advanced you can create a subtest for every checkbox and then run that sub-test on the condition it’s visible on the page.

Let me know if you have any questions.

HI amit. thanks for your suggestions.but in that above table is dynamic .so when i want to select checkboxs based on records count.its not same for every trip.example. 1 trip having 3 orders another trip having 6 orders so how can achive above scenario?

2.Your taking about subtest? .can you explain in more.beacuse i dont no about subtest.

Hi @mani_mpart
A sub-test is a test that you call in another test just like a function is normal coding.
You can find the option here:


You can group multiple steps into a test by selecting them and using the group to test icon.

Then you can call this subtest from anywhere in the project.

Regarding your specific case, sounds like you need to count the number of checkboxes and then execute a subtest based on that amount.
You can definitely do that by using the action count elements and then using this article to achieve something similar to a for a loop.
We have a lot of previous posts on how to do that for example here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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