How to use the comma in the header of a HTTP request

Hi Guys,
I am using TestProject to run API testing. And I am stuck on the configuration of the Header. Currently, it will be separated by commas for headers. However, it can not if I want to use commas in the values of the header. I assume that we need to the escape letter.
Some guys can help me with how.

Hi @vdr_tranthanhphong and welcome to our community!
You need to declare your header twice.
Before - Header=abc,def
After - Header=abc,Header=def

Please let me know if this solution works out for you.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
Nice to join the TestProject community.
Thank you for your support in a short time. I don’t still deal although it ran well in the postman.
For example, the header contains:
Accept-Encoding = gzip, deflate, br

I should declare:

or as your example
Accept-Encoding = gzip,Accept-Encoding-deflate,Accept-Encoding-br

@vdr_tranthanhphong You should declare it this way: Accept-Encoding=gzip,Accept-Encoding=deflate,Accept-Encoding=br

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Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
It could not still work. For others, they worked well with the headers whose values contain no commas.
Maybe I need to check more.
Anyway, thank @ran.ferdinaro again for your quick answer.

@vdr_tranthanhphong You can contact us at for further help :slight_smile:

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