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How to upload .app file from Test Project

I want to execute test cases in the iOS simulator from TestProject. Test Project does not accept the .app file. To my best of my understanding “.ipa” files are not designed for the simulator.
I’m left with the option to upload .app file into the simulator from Xcode or CLI and then record it from TestProject.

Correct me if I am wrong … Any alternate suggestion is appreciated.

Hello, you can try the following:

  1. Copy .ipa file to Desktop, rename it to .zip file
  2. Extract that .zip file and you will get a directory with the application name
  3. Take the payload folder and change it to payload.ipa, and upload it to TestProject.

That should work.

I did it … Renamed payload folder to payload.ipa … Upload did not happen.
Note: Payload folder contains Runner.app file alone .

You can try this as well:

XCode → Archive → Select project in Organizer → Show in Finder → Show Package contents → Products → Applications → “Product.app”.

Create a folder named “Payload” → Put “Product.app” with in “Payload” → Compress “Payload” → Get “Payload.zip” → Change name to “Product.ipa”.

In order to follow mentioned steps, do we need to have access to source code of application? If yes, I don’t have access to the source code of the application. Any other alternative?

You can just follow this part:

Create a folder named “Payload” → Put “Product.app” with in “Payload” → Compress “Payload” → Get “Payload.zip” → Change name to “Product.ipa”.

Tried that as well. Upload is successful however upon launching device I get “Failed to extract App details from the supplied file”.

As per your answer, I need to rename “Payload.zip” to “Product.ipa”.