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How to test an .ipa that requires a non-wildcard profile?

Hello, I’m new to TestProject, I have an iOS app which, due to its nature, can only be built for real devices using a non-wildcard app ID. If I try to build with a wildcard app ID via XCode, I get an error because the app supports push notification, IAP and a few other capabilities that mandate a full app ID. When I setup my TestProject dashboard, I upload a wildcard profile under iOS Settings nevertheness. But when I try to record, it fails during the app package installation, and it may be related to the profile thing. Note that, if I pre-install the app on the device and then run the recorder, it works, but only as a workaround (it’s not how I want to do things, especially if I want to run the tests on the cloud eventually).
How can I confirm the cause of the failure and, if it’s related to the profile wildcard thing, how do I address this?

Hello @sagi.

The wildcard is required only for when creating the provisioning profile for iOS testing through TestProject.
The application itself is not required to be built using the wildcard specifically.

Thank you for your reply, in that case, I’ll work with your guys to diagnose this further, not sure why the app installation failed