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How to set appium snapshotMaxDepth


I would like to set appium’s snapshotMaxDepth for the test recorder and/or the actual running of the recorded test. I use react native, and my app has elements that are so deep that they cannot be located via accessibilityId by default. I have verified locally that snapshotMaxDepth solves this issue on iOS.

It is a setting of the appium server that can be changed on the fly The Settings API - Appium

Is this something that could be done with an add-on?


@ran.tzur any ideas?

Hello @justin1
I am checking and I will get back to you on that.

Hello @justin1
Can you please send an email to support@testproject.io with your email so we can have a zoom call about this?
There is an option to create an addon to set it, and I wish to verify it with you live.

Thank you.