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How to select element on Auto suggestion list

Any one please help me out how to select the one option in Auto Suggestion list ion Android app

While I am recoreding I am unable to select an element in that Auto populated suggesions list

Hi @jksprasad,

Can you please send me a screenshot of this list?
In many cases, all the elements in the list are of the same type. So, you can create a custom XPath and define a parameter inside to select the required option each time. For example, if all the list element are of type android.widget.TextView and the only difference between them is the text/value, you can use this XPath:
//android.widget.TextView[@text = ‘parameter_name’]

Thanks for the response @amit.yahav

According to my scenario I am selecting one location name from the pre-populated locations list. While I am trying to select one of them in Recording mode it is not possible for me. and the element is in “android.widget.EditText”

I am sending my scenario screenshot please have a look

Hi @jksprasad,

Thank you for sharing this screenshot with me!
Please try this solution:

  1. Use “Type Text” action to search for any location that you want in the search box. I would recommend you to use an input parameter for the search value that you are typing. Let’s call this parameter ‘Location’.

  2. When the auto-suggested results appear, create a new element manually and select XPath as the locator strategy. Check what is the type of all of those auto-suggested element and create an XPath expression according to it. Assuming that the type is: android.widget.TextView, you can use this XPath: //android.widget.TextView[contains(., ‘Locator’)][0] (You should use the actual ‘Locator’ parameter).

This should select the first auto-suggested option. If you want to be more accurate, use the full name in the ‘Location’ parameter.

Let me know if it helped you :slight_smile:

Its works for me Thank you so much

You’re welcome @jksprasad!
I’m really glad to hear that it’s working for you :slight_smile:

We are always here to help!
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