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How to search for the value in each field on the table?

There is a table in my website.
I want to scan all the field which contain the “TestPoject” word to get the xpath, then to click same rows DELETE Button.

My Question is The table will be grow, so It maybe generate data, then I will record more field in the test.

How to scan the value in each field?
I use Regular expression “*”, then It call me fail.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @ryan.chen, thanks for reaching out.

your scenario is unmaintainable using the Recorder, due to the dynamic size of your table, and depends on the table structure.
If you’re familiar with coding, I would suggest you to do it using TestProject openSDK to code this scenario,

you can find it over here:

and you can find some examples over here:

you can contact us thru TestProject Platform chat if you need help and guidance.