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How to schedule individual tests in Jobs

Currently I can schedule jobs but I do not see that you can schedule jobs within the test.

I have a device farm and test cases are organized by device and each device gets a job (collection of test cases) associated with it. The problem I have is many test cases run over time and often must complete before the next test case can begin. I can work around this by creating multiple jobs but that is less than ideal. I would love to be able to schedule test within the jobs as well as schedule jobs.

Is there a better workaround than creating a new job for test cases that must run after a delay?

That sounds tricky, how long apart do the tests need to be? I’m not sure there is a clever way to schedule a test within a job…

The process can run for 8 hours before completion before it is ready for the next test.
The current workaround for this is creating scheduled jobs and using tags to filter the jobs list.