How to save list of elements for mobile

How do we save the list of elements in mobile? Do we have any addon - please suggest or do we need to code and use it - please help.


Hi @SunilGowdruC,
Can you elaborate on your intention? There is not enough information.

Using List to Store the Mobile Elements to Validate output Data.

I have a scenario, I want to store the multiple values into a list that are getting from an iOS element xpath. So, I need to check the values for all the text in the list.

hey , I am facing the issue that after running my jobs I am unable to see the latest reports . Can you please help me regarding this . @ran.ferdinaro @alex.ivanov @suresondur1 @sheetal.gujarathi @sris.srikanthreddy

Is there any solution for this problem?

Storing the values in a list from the iOS element xpath.