How to run serial tests in offline mode?

hey i use macOs
i work in offline mode and i have the agent in my mac i need to run a few test from terminal
i try to put 2 test in same zip and run them in serial one after other but the tests is not running

orzach@Ors-Mac-mini ~ % testproject-agent run /Users/orzach/Downloads/Commitments-iL1LqEvi-k-znA_ULhbHfg\ 3/

Processing execution…

Execution failed: Failed converting backup package to an Execution Package.

Check that your backup package is valid and try again.

> FileNotFoundException: Package file was not be found in archive /Users/orzach/Downloads/Commitments-iL1LqEvi-k-znA_ULhbHfg 3/

How to run several tests one after the other from terminal ?

Hi @aviranvered100,

To execute multiple tests using the agent CLI, you simply have to provide their path in the run command. For example:

testproject-agent run PATH_TO_FIRST_TEST.yaml PATH_TO_SECOND_TEST.yaml

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