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How to Run multiple IOS devices in parallel

I want to set up running my IOS mobile devices side-by-side. My devices authenticated the certificate but only 1 device at a time for testing. I want to ask how to upload batch validations to do parallel testing on multiple IOS devices. What C# Code can I use to be able to do this. Thank you

I need help? :frowning: Can anyone help me?

Hi, please make sure to adjust the number of workers as documented here: Parallel Execution - TestProject Documentation so that you can execute more than one test simultaneously on a single Agent.

As for the parallel testing using the C# SDK, it’s still not available, stay tuned for the TestProject news as we are working on this feature and will release it soon.

Sorry I replied late . I see in the instructions you can select one of the connected devices to run but I can’t do that. My devices have uploaded the IOS certificates but it only recognizes 1 device at a time. When I need to switch to another device, I have to upload that device’s certificate

Can the recently updated versions of TestProject v3.30 be able to run multiple real IOS phone devices in parallel? . Currently using only 1VM/Mobile to run automatically is a difficult way. Hopefully there will be an update from the publisher TestProject . Thanks