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How to run coded tests on browserstack

I would like to know once we download the generated code from testproject and after modifying it to our needs how do we run the same on browserstack using the testproject SDK

Hello @syed.hussaini,

To run coded tests from TestProject using BrowserStack there are a few things that needs to be done:

  1. Follow this article to set up a “Cloud_URL” capability (which includes your username and password within a BrowserStack URL)
    BrowserStack Local Testing Integration - TestProject Documentation
  2. If you are testing on mobile, follow this article to upload your app to BrowserStack:
    API to upload mobile apps via CLI or automation scripts
    After that you should get a response with a link to that app on BrowserStack, you will need to add that as a capability:
    caps.setCapability(“app”, “{appLink}”);

If you are testing on web you will need to set as a capability the browser you are testing on, you can get all of those capabilities here: