How To Reset App Data and Turn off Autocomplete

Reset app seems to not clear out the preferences file so my user stays logged in. How to clear that out with the step in auto record of Clear Data. I tried by package name too.

Also autocomplete/autofill is making the fill in steps for username and password fail. Is there a way to turn it off on the fly or how to ignore it when it pops up and possibly gets in the way?

I got the same problem. Does anyone can show us how to solve this issue.

I am facing the same issue…Can someone help??

Hi @marshal_davout @vdr_apangilinan @basit.bashir .

We checked this issue and it should be fixed in the 3.5.1 release.

Meanwhile, you can downgrade back to 3.4.2 here: TestProject

It is not fixed and still does it. Huge blocker here since my QA needs to test onboarding screens that happen once and get saved to preferences file.