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How to pass unique value when running script created capture

Hi, all everyone.
I’m a new member. I’m creating a record to enter values into files on the web page, but I have a trouble with run repeat again because having a file doesn’t enter duplicate value.
Could anyone help me to handle this matter!
Thank you!

Hello @thuy2011ptit,

I didn’t fully understand the scenario and the issue,
could you please elaborate more with screenshots on what are you trying to do?

Hi @artem.kuznetsov ,
Thank for spending your time for me.
I recorded again steps in the Sign up Form. I want to run this script again and again , but value of “mail” field must not be the same. I still don’t know how to handle this without having to code.
Can you help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @thuy2011ptit
So you want to input a random email for each test execution?
There is an action for that:

It will output a random email, save it in a parameter:
image ]

And type that parameter in the Email input field.

Hi you,
Thank for your care,
I want run again and again with values doesn’t duplicate to use repeat. If I selected random parameter, value could duplicate when running repeat.