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How to pass current date and time as an email address in test project?

Hi, I need to use dynamic email address for my scripts every time. For that, I need to fetch current date and time and make use of it in my test steps. Is that possible in the test project recorder? I tried using Get Current date & time add-on but it didn’t help me because it’s an action element and connects to a verification. But what I need is to fetch current date & time and insert that into a step. Please suggest. Thanks !

Hello @mveguru and thanks for reaching out.

You can save the output of that actions as a parameter, and use that parameter in a different action.

If you’d like to save the current data and time in a specific format you can:

After pressing select a parameter, you can create a new one that will hold the value:

After running the step, the value will be stored in the parameter, and you can reuse that parameter in any other action by hitting the plus icon and selecting it:


Notice the underline, meaning it’s a parameter.

You can then append anything onto that parameter, such as @gmail.com and it will be dynamic parameter.

Thank you very much for your response.

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