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How to pass a date range as parameters to pick from calendar?

I am recording a Holiday search journey and I need to pick a date range from the calendar, but when I record the test, it does not capture the date range selected.

Hello and thanks for reaching out to us.

Can you please provide some more details or perhaps images of what you’re trying to do?
You are attempting to interact with an element, and your clicks on it are not getting recorded?

Did you check that the element you are trying to interact with appears in the element explorer and has a valid XPATH or other locator that is able to find it? You can press double shift on that element and view more details about it.

In case you can interact with it and then the step fails during execution, check that the locator of the element does not change dynamically.

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Hi David, thans for your repsonse.

So, I am trying to pick a date range and it errors out at this step

I’ve created a test that will pick the date and have not experienced any issues with the site publicly available:

The steps are in order:

  1. Navigate to site.
  2. Type London is source.
  3. Click on drop down button after typing London.
  4. Type Spain in target.
  5. Click on drop down button after typing Spain.
  6. Click on ‘When’ date selection box.
  7. Click on starting date span.
  8. Click on end date span.

Thanks for your quick response. I’ll try again… (sorry I a begginner so was struggling a bit :slight_smile: )

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Sure, no problem.
If you need any help please feel free to contact us anywhere from here to the support chat.

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