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How to modify reports to display environment on which scripts executed

Hi Team,

Is there any way to modify the reports to show the environment from which we can figure out where the script executed.

Actually we have 15 environments so reports didn’t show-up on which environment its executed. I have tried with Data Source as well but not luck.

So it would be great if you could provide support how we can manage these things and how we can implement it for better tracking of environment stability.


Nope Its about different environment url like Staging,QA,Dev etc

So basically you want the reporter to show the environment name by the url? can you give an example?

Yes we want the reporter to show that the suite is executed on QC or QA or Staging Environment. Is there any way to show above environment in the report instead of giving the job name as per the environment name.

For Example: I have run the 01 job with name Smoke suite now in report it will never show you on which testing environment you have run the job. So to overcome this I need to create duplicate job with job name smoke_QA or Smoke_QC etc.

Its difficult to explain but hope you understood

You can extract the domain from the url using action Extract String using Regex

If you post an example url we can help you build it.