How to mimic search in IOS device


i am currently creating a test for our web app in regards to search. i was able to mimic the action of tapping the “Search” in keypad for android device by using send keys event with “ENTER” as the key. But it doesn’t work in IOS device. May I ask how to achieve this action in IOS phones?


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Hi @Seira20,
You can press the ‘go’ button in the keyboard.

Let me know if this information helps you.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro, thank you for the time to look into my question. i am not sure i able to follow your instruction.
Seems like you are using a recorder in your screenshot? is that a simulator? does TP allows running a recorder for web app in mobile?

Sorry i am pretty new to TP and still learning. if you could give me more information how we’re you able to accomplish your screenshot above, that will be very helpful for me. Thanks.!


@Seira20 I missunderstood your intention.
You can either press on one of the available options or skip this whole part by using the ‘Navigate to URL’ action. If you still want to use the search engine, you can navigate to the engine url with the search endpoint (If you want to seacrh abc in Google - navigate to

hi ran, your screenshot above is clearly the one i am trying to achieve, tapping the go button in ios device. i dont want to go searching by using direct url as it defeats the purpose of testing of search from user’s perspective.

@ran.ferdinaro , i think i know now where the confusion is coming from. so checking your 1st screenshot, i believe that this came from recording of a mobile test type. While i, is trying to achieve this by recording by web test type.

i believe it is only correct to create a test for this using a web test type since what i am currently testing is a website (but in mobile view) and not an actual mobile app.


Hi @Seira20,
This is why I responded with this answer:

You can navigate to

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