How to make sure TestProject account doesn't delete tests

Hello TestProject Team!
I hold an account on TestProject where I have test jobs which I have integrated with Jenkins , slack and qTest. Now we (as Acquia team) wants to know :

  • Is there any probability that these tests can be deleted in future for some unfortunate backup/reset activities by TestProjects?

  • How to take safety precautions for such situations?

  • Is there a way to recover the tests or jobs if they gets deleted from our account?

  • How can we codify them ?

  • Generate code option , generated the test as a gradle project. What if we want the code as maven project?

  • I do not see any option to download java testproject SDK

Hi @puniti.chauhan ,

The answer to the first three questions is GitHub integration.
You can only recover tests from your repository in GitHub.
You have more information about this scenario here:

  1. If the question is how to generate code of particular test? so yes, you can do it.
    You have to click on the three dots near your test and click on generate code:

  2. You can simply achieve that by changing the pom XML to maven.

  3. In the latest version of the openSDK, You will need to add a <dependencies> section to the file and then add the TestProject dependency:


If you have any further questions, please let me know :slight_smile:

Hello Alex,
Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
When I generate the code for a specific test and select ‘Java’ . It creates a gradle project by default. I don’t have experience with Gradle project.
Is there a way that after generating code , the test code downloaded could be converted into a maven project?

Also if I follow the Github integration process then do I need to generate the code for each test separately? and have them pushed to github repo?

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