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How to make a step that acts when something was opened

Hello everyone,

this might be a dumb question but i haven’t been able to solve this problem for some time already (I am a beginner at this so please bare with me :smiley: ) -

the scenario (trying to automate a mobile app opening):

I have an app that i want to open but the user can have the app anywhere (either on different “homescreens” or in the app drawer) how do I please search for the app that I want to open if it may be hidden in different homescreens or appdrawer? (because not every android phone does have an app drawer thus I have to “search” for it everywhere)

What I’ve done so far -

is manually scroll and use the “Click if visible” function to try to find it in homescreens, if it cannot, open the drawer and use the “Scroll to element function” to find it there - but here is where i found the problem… if the test finds the app before it goes to the app drawer and starts scrolling there, the test fails when its trying to scroll and find the app (because the app is already opened). Is there a parameter that i can use for this problem?

Thank you very much for any help that you will give me


Hello @Matt67
You don’t need to search for the app to open it and test it.
When you create a mobile test you need to select the app, you can select it from the Application tab if you uploaded it, you can upload the file while you create the test, and you can select it from your device.

So, after you click on record, we launch the app automatically.
I hope this answered your question

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Hello Yosef,

Thank you very much for your detailed response and also sorry for me not being very accurate because this would work if i would just test the app.

However, i do have to do stuff in the app, kill the app, then access settings and then go back into the app and thats what i cannot figure out - how to find the app :confused: maybe theres a fuction which works like: “open -appname-”?

Thank you very much for your response


You can use Launch app.

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Oh haha! I have tried many variations like: Open, Start, etc. but completely missed/did not think about launch :smiley:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: this is exactly what I need! Also when we are at the topic of launching apps, is there something similar when I want to launch for example: Chrome or a calculator? :slight_smile: Because i have found this on this forum and wonder if this is the only way: Switching between different mobile applications during a test

Thanks a lot with all this help, it is much appreciated