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How to limit agent update notifications to only 1 at a time?

Right now, whenever a new agent version is available, my current agent produces an excessive number of notifications about it while my computer is idle. The attached screenshot is a combined screenshot of my two monitors after idling for a few hours. How can I limit the notifications to only one at a time?

This looks like un-intended behavior,
Can you please share your logs with us over support@testproject.io

This is an issue for me as well on macos! At first it was for a new version that was available, after I updated it I still got the notifications but they were blank (as seen in the screenshot) My pc was on idle for about 2-3 hours.

Hello @christopher.
Out of curiosity, did this happen after your computer came back from sleep?

Hi @shai.glatshtein_prd

When the computer woke it already showed like this.

Hey, this bug has been fixed on Agent version 3.0.4
TestProject Team.