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How to install & register Testproject agent in GCP Virtual machine

Hi team, I am trying to install Testproject agent on GCP virtual machine. But not able to register agent. Warning shows “Agent is not running”. Please share the steps to run testproject agent on GCP virtual machine & register agent.

Hi @suresh. Thanks for reaching out with a good question.

Can you please tell me what operating system you using in this VM?

thanks to the quick response. The os is “ubuntu 18.04”

Thank for the info @suresh

Assuming that it’s not the headless environment we have a guide for the agent installation under the linux machines.

Please note that agent should be installed not under the sudo.

Here it is
  1. Download the linux agent from the “Agents” section.
  2. You will find a .sh file called: “TestProjectAgent_x64.sh”
  3. Right click on that file-> Properties-> Permissions-> check the “Execute” option.
  4. Open the folder that contains this file on terminal.
  5. Execute this file by typing: ./TestProjectAgent_x64.sh
  6. Follow the installation instructions.

After installation completed, to run the agent you can use the following command in the terminal



Thank you Agent is started successfully. But i am not able to register. I am trying to connect with public ip of my GCP virtual machine. But still not connecting


Do you have a possibility to open the Browser in UI of this VM?
If yes, all you need to do is to register this agent as a local one.

i am not having UI options

Can you please ensure that in your VM you have opened the 8585 and 8443 ports?

If they are opened, try to reach to your account from the other desktop with UI and register the remote agent with it’s public IP

Successfully connected from GCP virtual machine. Thank you :slight_smile:

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