How to input text on field on dialog popup

Hello all,
I am trying to input text on dialog popup but smart recorder seems to be impossible.
Are there any way to input text on fields on dialog popup?

Thank you so much

I have resolved this problem already. ^^
I will close this question.^^

Hi @hoaithu2712,
Can you share with the community how you were able to overcome this issue?

Yes, of course.
Firstly, I saved element by xpath, then I closed popup (If you do not close popup, you can not do nothing), and I added step manually with action and the saved xpath.
For example, with the above cases, I saved xpath of the field: First Name, then I closed popup, and added step manually, select action: Type text > Select element by saved xpath, input text and save step.
I am newbier and I have no many experienced with testproject yet.
Maybe others already know this solution. Anyway because I can share this with everyone, so I’m happy. ^^

@hoaithu2712 Thank you :slight_smile: