How to increase or remove wait time limit


I am testing something on a website that may take a long time to load - well over 10 minutes and may reach into the few hours. Because of this the tests keep timing out given the maximum limit of the wait times.

Is there a way to increase the waits over 10 minutes or remove the limit completely?


Keywords: wait, adaptive wait, timeout

Hello @zain.ali and welcome to our community!!
I have attached a guide showing how you can pass the ‘Adaptive Wait’ 10 mins limit easily:

  1. Create a step with the ‘is present’ action to validate that an element on that page is visible.

  2. Change the ‘Adaptive Wait’ settings to 599000 ms.

  3. group that step into a test.

  4. On the newly created sub-test enter settings, change the ‘HOW TO ACT IF THE STEP FAILS?’ to ‘Recovery Test’ and enter the same sub-test again. On the ‘After recovery runs?’ setting choose ‘Continue Test’.

  5. Change the ‘REPEAT’ setting to 3 so the “total” ‘Adaptive Wait’ time is 60 mins.

  • Notice that even if the web-page loads on the first try, your sub-test will run again two more times (with two more recovery times). However, since this is a ‘is present’ step, it will pass quickly so, you won’t have to wait for a long period of time but a very short time for the step to pass.

Please let me know if you need any assistance or if this guide doesn’t fit your desire.

Hi, I tried this workaround with adaptive wait custom as 120000ms. But the step ran and failed before the adaptive wait time provided? I tried using adaptive wait for contains text action step.

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