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How to import coded tests with Maven and last SDK


I am trying to import tests using the jar file built with maven without success. I am getting the message “No code blocks discovered” always. But if I run these tests locally, the results are imported to the job specified.

Hope anyone can help me.

Best regards,

Hello @daniel.gonzalez
The code from our open SDK, a.k.a the latest Java and Python SDKs, are meant for local executions.
There for you can not upload them to the platform.
All executions are local, and you still enjoy the reports and the dashboard.

Hi @ran.tzur,

Thanks for clarifying!
If understood it correctly, I can not execute these SDK tests from TestProject, isn’t it?

Thanks again!

That is correct, aside from that, they can perform almost all operations tests who are uploaded can.

Thank you so much for the clarification @ran.tzur!