How to implement if-else logic or loop step in TestProject?

Hi Team,

I want to know how do I implement an if-else step or a loop step in the test project. My objective is to search an email and if the result returned is 0 then search another email and this goes on till the results return > 0 after which I need to proceed to the next steps.

How do I implement this? Please suggest.

@eldar @ran.ferdinaro @Ricardo.Caster @alex.ivanov @meidan.nasi Could anyone among you guys please check my question and help me out in any way. Thanks!

@Karen.Teboulle @meital.matsafi The support has kind of disappeared altogether. What is actually going on? The chat support has been converted to chatbot only. The emails sent to does not elicit any replies, and finally, this forum is also unresponsive.
Please reply something and update us.

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