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How to handle foresee screen


I am wondering if there is a strategy to handle the Foresee screen? There is no specific flow for this screen and it can appear anytime in the flow.


Hi @kshahid,

Those types of screens/pop-up/Ads, are not that easy to handle during automation.
It’s better to avoid them in your app (I meant the version that you’re testing, not the production one).

Since you can’t tell in advanced when this pop-up message will appear, you will have to handle it in every step in your test (which is not that good).

For example, you can define a recovery test on every step in your test that will handle this pop-up. Another possible way to deal with it, is to add “Click if visible” step after every step that you are performing.

As you can see, the two approaches are not that good and I would recommend you to avoid this pop-up window in your app’s version for automation.

Hope it make sense :slight_smile:

Kind regards,