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How to handle an authentication system that sends an email from Auth0 application

We have a web application with an account creation and sign in option. When a sign in with email address happens, a link to authenticate the account is sent to the specified email address every time you access the account in a browser new session.

Does anybody think it’s possible to use the record feature of TestProject to access the email and click the link?

Might be worth noting that when you enter your email to authenticate / log in, it opens a new browser tab with a frontend component on the web page with a message saying “Please check your email”. Once the email link is triggered, this opens a new browser tab but in the same session. Essentially you’ll have 3 tabs opened during this process.

Any suggestions or different routes will be appreciated.

Hello @ross,
Using the recorder, you can record all of this steps and they will be added automatically,you can also add them manually.
All you need is an agent registered and running.
Regarding the new opened tab,this will be recorded automatically as well, with those actions