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How to get the data inside the "hover" text?

Hello @monmonmorillo
In this case, you need to use 2 actions.
The first one is the Move mouse to element

The second one is get text from the tooltips element using his Xpath

You can add validation on the get text action:

ill try this one… thanks.

what i get is the content of the cell. :frowning: @kfir.yosef

how did you do this?

finally!!! thanks @kfir.yosef .

Did you use the same element on both actions?
If so, this why you get this value.
You need to select the tooltip element and use Get text on it.
If you still can’t do that, please ping me via the TestProject chat so we can schedule a zoom call.

Glad to hear you made it :slight_smile:

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im using same element at first, then experimenting the inspect function to finally get the tooltip element… thanks!