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How to Get CurrentUrl on Safari IOS?

How to get text url on safari? . Please help me . I tried to get GetText but it returns a value other than the current path

What do you mean?
Do you want to get the URL of the page?
If so, you can use Get current URL
Let me know if you got the answer you were looking for.

What add-on did you find it in? . I searched for the keyword “Get Current Url” but no results

This is not an Addon, look for an action (not element action)


I followed your instructions but the result was not found. Is this action for Mobile IOS ?

The way you run the web test on mobile is not the best way to do it with TestProject.
The following articles can help you do that:
Record a web test for mobile:

Running a Web Test on a Mobile Device:

This way you can use all the possible actions on a web test including “Get Current URL” and run it on Mobile, Safari for iOS, and Chrome for Android easily.
You will not be able to do this in the way you run the test.
Let me know if there are any further questions.

I’m trying to get the text in the Safari browser on a real device. But I can’t get . Can you suggest me some ways? . I tried getting the attribute but it doesn’t output the current path either.

You can do it like this:



Same for iOS.

I tried this but it’s not the Google path. It just takes the text after the By.Id . Element changes every time the path is reloaded

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