How to generate random number (only number )in text field

Hi. When I used the “Type random phone number” addon, it immediately generated the “+” symbol in the field even though I was trying to generate a random number (just numbers) in a text field. I am also unable to use any other random number extensions because they are not listed.
Please see the screenshot and help to resolve this.

You may try “Random number in a range” - Generates random btwn a range.

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Option by @bhavana.bomma is a good one. Another option is "Random credit-card number’. This also generates a number only value which can be saved as an output parameter and then passed onto the next step.

Also, you can try “Random natural” which also generates a random natural number.

If you need these values to be unique for every test, another addon to consider is “Get the current timestamp” which will return the current date time in milliseconds format which is also a number.