How to freeze an element?

Hi Guys,
I am stuck on a problem that freezes an element to get the attribute in Android Automation. My case is

  • Select another data from Page A
  • Click on the submit button on Page A
  • Redirecting to the Home page
    → It will show a tooltip in 3 seconds to notify the user and disappear.
    I need to check whether the tooltip is visible or not AND its content.
    Do you have experience in this one?

Hi @vdr_tranthanhphong,
You can use the ‘Contains text? (if visible)’ action or the ‘Get text (if visible)’ action.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
I can not currently get the locator of the tooltip because that tooltip is displayed in 3 seconds.
Needing a way to freeze the displaying of the tooltip. Then get its locator first.

You can use the Chrome inspect tool to point to the tooltip as soon as it shows up.
Then, copy a locator.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
I am stuck on the android app.

@vdr_tranthanhphong You will have to catch the element with the recorder as soon as it shows up.

Hi @ran.ferdinaro,
I could not because the tooltip is displayed in 3s. On the other hand, I could Hold CTRL + double SHIFT at the time of display but it could NOT freeze the tooltip and it still disappears.
If it’s a limitation at this time, would you mind considering improving the freeze feature next time?

@vdr_tranthanhphong You should press double shift on the element to freeze the recorder on it.
The recorder is not able to freeze the app, but point on an element and freeze on it.