How to find an element by text and click on it

I have a scenario where , i have to search a webpage for the presence of a text and click on it once found.
In selenium we can do this by find element by text and click on it, can we do the same in Test project.

The text i am trying to search is dynamic and is in a table, My scenario is like i have to create a user and that user should be present in overview page which has a table with list of users. I am not able to use HTML table addons because there is no table tag for the overview table. So i am planning to do is search the user(with userID) and click on it.

Hi @sravani.

You can achieve that by making your custom locator.

Please follow this article:

This one can also be helpful:

Let me know if you still need any help :slight_smile:

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the help. I was able to resolve my issue with the above information and nested Xpath’s

Great, @sravani.

Happy to help :slight_smile: