How to fetch an otp from email and enter in the web application


i am automating this scenario,
the scenario is - enter an email id and it will send an otp in gmail from there i have. to pick an otp and enter it in the otp field in an application.

is it possible.

You can have a work around for this. Use a Data base check point and fetch the OTP, then type that OTP in your text field.

could you help me how to do it?

also server is down from morning , can you let me know when it will be up and running

Have you used DB check points before? What Database do you use, MySQL, postgreSQL? First use its driver as a step. Input relevant parameters (user ID, password, database name, port, url). Add query to it and there you go.

we are not storing otp in db, do you have any other method to fetch?

we are storing otp in django cache , is t possible to retrieve it from ssh file ?