How to edit tests in code and commit changes to GitHub

Hi, I am new to this automation tool.
I created TestProject that integrated with GitHub.
I want to generate test code, make changes, and commit the changes to GitHub.

The goal is to create a testProject in a team Managed in GitHub that will be able to change the tests in the code, as in java, c #, java script and the changes will be commited in GitHub.

When I downloaded code, changed in Java and uploaded a jar file after compiling the project, I saw that this test is not connected to Git.

What is the best way to do this?


Hi @efrat.cohen,
As mentioned in the GitHub integration document - “only recorded tests are being synchronized. Coded tests will not appear in your GitHub repositories.”

Please also note that the integration between TestProject and GitHub is a one-way integration, meaning that you can only make changes to your TestProject account, which will change your GitHub repository.
Any changes to the GitHub repository will break the integration.

You can create a new repository in your GitHub account and manage your coded tests there. Please note that you will have to replace the existing coded tests in TestProject manually.

thank you for the answer👍

@efrat.cohen You are welcome!
Always glad to help out :smile: