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How to dynamically change the endpoint/bundle id of a locator ID?

Hi All,

I have recorded a test on my debug build. When I tried to run the test on the QA build, all steps were failing because could not find any element.

Debug => com.company.basic.debug:id/widget_dialog
QA => com.company.basic.qa:id/widget_dialog

Is there a way to modify the bundle id for the locator ID?
Or how would you normally handle multiple enviroments/bundle ids?

Thank you,

If your locators are different from QA app to and the Debug app, I recommend to:

  1. Record the test so the elements will get created with the new locators under the correct application.
  2. Add another locator for elements that have different ID from the elements tab or the recorder,
    This will allow you to use the same element for both applications.
    Let me know if that solved your issue.
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