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How to do the basic Drag and Drop action

Im having an issue with Drag and Drop. Could someone assist me with the basic action as seen in the screenshot.

Please find link below: Drag and Drop Demo Sites | Testing Site - GlobalSQA

I’ve tried using the following addons: Angular Drag and Drop & Drag and Drop by Offset.

Hi @TyST ,
Please follow this example of how to use the Angular Drag and Drop Addon:

  1. First I will freeze the element I want to drag and I will use the action “Angular drag and drop”:

  2. Note: you can use only one destination at the time for example, I will copy the XPath of the element I will drop in and I will paste the XPath in the input:

  3. That’s it! now let’s see this addon in action:

Now please follow this example of how to use the Drag and Drop by Offset Addon :

  1. Freeze the element you want to drag exactly like in the previous example:

  2. Now in the inputs of the XOffset and YOffset it is basically pixels, for example, I will put in the XOffset:200 and in the YOffset:100 now let’s see it in action:

And that’s it, let me know if it helped you, and if you have further questions please feel free to ask :slight_smile: