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How to create data driven tests when more that one row need to use as input for a test

I have use case like below.

Web UI contains text box to create a class with “Category”(Text box) and then a list which contains drop downs (PropertyName) and few check boxes. Initially list contains one row and upon click of a button it adds multiple rows. Can I do this with recorder?

Hello @Geetha.Vajrala, thanks for reaching out.
Currently, you cant use parameters when setting a step to repeat, you will need to use a contant value.
however this is a frequently requested feature that we have taken under consideration,

meanwhile, you can either do it in code using TestProject openSDK, create a specific Addon for your use case, or use “Execute JavaScript” addon to handle this scenario as a step in your test, and use a dynamic parameter set by the CSV file as part of your script.

feel free to reach out if you need any assistance.

Hi @meidan.nasi,
Thank you quick response. Will wait for a release which enables the Repeat test step is dynamic instead of constant.
Can you please elaborate on “Execute Javascript”. So far I used it for click events, (arguments[0].click, document.getTitle, grt URL etc). You mean i can read the value from CSV and then use it in the javascript executor?

Yes, you can integrate parameters inside the “Execute JavaScript” action’s script, so these parameters will be overridden by the CSV file values assigned to this test.