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How to connect to Agent via VPN on Linux ubuntu system

I would like to move away from running my tests on my local machine to a system that sits inside a firewall at our company. I’ve downloaded the agent for this linux system and started it (Linux ubuntu system), but when I try to register the agent, I get the message agent isn’t running. (I know it is running, since I started it). I assume the connection problem is within the VPN pipeline and somehow allowing this communication. How should we configure this linux system or firewall to be able to communicate with TestProject.io?

To manage this issue please follow this manual registration guide from your CLI documented here:

We also opened a bug on this to our R&D team with the following number: TP-15985

You will be notified here once it’s resolved.

Hi Amit,
Thank you for those instructions. I am now able to register the Agent which is running on my Linux server. However, this agent does not seem to show any browsers it can use on this linux machine. I installed google chrome, but the agent still does not recognize that google chrome is installed. Are there any additional pointers you have on this?

It can happen by multiple reasons,
Most common one is unsupported device,
Can you make sure your linux OS is supported? (Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04)
You can find the full list here

If you are running a supported version of a distribution please try the following:

  1. Restart the agent
  2. Make sure the chrome version you installed is a supported version
  3. Try to re-install the browser in the default location given by the installer

Hi, yes we are running Ubuntu 18.04.
I’m unsure how to restart the Agent. Each time I try ./testproject-agent start, it just tells me “Agent is already running”.
I’m attaching the location of where google chrome is installed. Does this look like the correct location for the Agent to find it?
I have Agent installed at

As a follow up, I finally got the Linux Agent to run and finally pick up the chrome install! I ultimately had to delete the Agent and re-register AFTER chrome was installed on the linux box.
Thank you for your help.

Glad it worked,
Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Following up on the above issue, a new TestProject Agent version has just been released on the TestProject platform, which should fix the issue.

Can you please update the TestProject Agent installed on the machines where the users are facing the issue?

You can navigate to TestProject and click on the following button:

Hi, Yes. I’m sorry I just saw this. I did do that.


Do you still experience any kind of an issue?