How to choose a value from dropdown list in Agent

Just starting out on TestProject - be patient with me please!
I have a list of titles (Mr/Mrs/Miss…) and I can use Record to click on the listbox TITLE to show the choices available but I am unable to choose a value, say “Miss” on the Agent. I can choose Miss on the android device and it appears as selected on the Agent. But when I run the test “Miss” does not get selected.

On the Agent I do not have the ability to select an item in the list appearing in the drop down but I can on the android device.

How to I record the value being selected on the android device in the Agent please?


The Yellow area appears but I CANNOT find it in the DOM to be able to select a title. If I hover over ‘Miss’ I get the field underneath the yellow area.

Hi @anne,
Here are
Go to the explorer tab and check if the options are there.
If they aren’t, it might be an issue with your app.
You can use the ‘Tap gesture at coordinates’ action as a workaround for such cases.

Thank you - the work around works a treat.
Do you have any idea why the element is not showing in the Explorer please?

@anne Glad to know the workaround helped you.
If the elements are not showing in the explorer tab, it may be caused by several issues.
One option is that the elements could not be parsed correctly because of an optimization issue with the app.
Of course, without checking the app itself, there is no concrete answer that can be given to you.
I advise you to check this issue with your app’s developers.

Hi Team,

I hope you are doing well.

I am expecting the same issue with an AutoCompleteTextView object element in a native android app, i can not pick up the dropdown list suggestion with the Testproject agent.

Is “Tap gesture at coordinates” the only workaround?, the point for me is that in the near future i have to run the same test in differents resolutions android devices.

Another point is: It´s possible access to the PopupDecorview in an adroid App using Testproject?

Will be glad if there is another solution.

Best regards,

Romel R. Rosero

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