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How to automate changing url after each test

Hey all,

New comers here!. Currently we have a requirement to run the test on dynamic link available on our site, meaning for each test we can set different url. Is it achievable on TestProject?

  • I imagine we can uses some parameters and change it after each run, or
  • Change the url parameters via confirmation for each run test.


Hello @evan,

For navigating to a different URL for each test execution you can simply perform a data-driven test,
Data-driven tests are tests that run multiple times, but with different values for some of the variables in the test.

You can parameterize the required inputs (application URL is automatically parameterized) and perform the following:

  • Generate a data-source template from the test


  • Insert the required URLs, each one in the following row


  • On the next page, you will be prompted to fill in the parameters for that test. To run a data driven test, select the “Use data source” option and add the data source you just created.


The test will run once for each row that you have added in the .csv file using the input for that row.

here you can read more about it:

in case you want to change the URL manually, you can simply navigate to the Applications section in your project and edit the application URL: