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How to append values to CSV file by using Index of the CSV

I am trying to append values to existing CSV by using Index. For that, I used CSV operations addon, the values are adding in a new line.

I am trying to add values in yellow color column.


Hi, we are currently working to extend the current addon with the requested capability stay tuned ti should be released soon :wink:

Thanks @Mark_K, Please let me know once you have done

Hi, its there . please update your addon and use “Update CSV file” action that was added.
let me know if it works for you

Hi @Mark_K, It’s working only for one record but not working if we are having multiple records in the CSV file.

When I am using “Update CSV file”, it’s asking Row, Column number. I gave as 1, 2. It’s only updating 1st record but not for remaining.

1 Mohan Pass
2 Kumar XXXX
3 Batchu XXXX


The action updates a specific cell in the csv file, not an entire row/column.
So it you give row 1 col 2 it will update cell (1,2) in the file specifically.

Ok Thanks. But I am looking for all records.